EDGE Olympic - Amsterdam | A development by EDGE Technologies
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EDGE Olympic

A new generation of smart buildings

Today’s knowledge workers are always looking for new connections, new ways to share experiences with others.

That’s why the building has been designed as one big open ecosystem where users can easily connect with other users. This creates a living environment that fosters unexpected interactions on a daily basis and is always teeming with ideas. Talented young employees as well as seasoned staff are attracted to EDGE Olympic as it provides the perfect setting for their professional development. In other words, users not only make use of the physical space but are also provided with a fertile breeding ground for the growth of their company.

Welcome to the future

The first of its kind

The building is based on a digital infrastructure that connects everything and everyone within its walls to a single cloud platform. A smartphone app lets users personalise their workplace, with the possibility to customise the lighting and temperature, continuously measuring noise levels and air quality to inform choices. This same technology also lets users access the building, quickly locate their colleagues, and find available meeting rooms or workplaces. The sophisticated digital infrastructure is flexible, making it future-proof. Extra services can be easily added to meet the changing needs of tenants and users. This enables EDGE Olympic to continuously update its system to contribute to user comfort, productivity and creativity.

Different workspaces

Serving the needs of today’s workforce


Theme based areas shared by all subtenants and users in the building with special features for inspiration, relaxation and collaboration. Equipped with meeting rooms, informal seating and hot-desks.


Closed off spaces on a floor in different sizes which can be combined to provide studios with a maximum of 20 desks for the exclusive use of one user. This dedicated space is delivered with an EDGE Fit-out (incl. loose furniture).


Entire floor(s) of a building or a section thereof for the exclusive use of a subtenant. This dedicated space is in principle delivered without fit-out.


Leaving our buildings healthier than when entering

The conditions in buildings have been shown to strongly influence people’s wellbeing from giving great comfort and joy, down to causing severe sick building syndrome. Today’s demanding work environment requires workspaces, where users can feel at their very best. EDGE aims to increase the health, engagement and productivity of every user in our building, helping our subtenants to excel.


developed with considerable respect for our living environment

EDGE Olympic brings the latest research and technical innovations in health and wellbeing together and was designed to minimise its environmental impact. The building is the first in The Netherlands to receive the WELL Core & Shell Platinum Certification and is now also the first in the world to be awarded with a Platinum WELL Certification through the WELL V2 pilot for EDGE’s Headquarters. In addition, EDGE Olympic has an Energy Label A and a BREEAM Excellent certification.

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Designed around the user

The smart technology incorporated into EDGE Olympic makes the lives of all users more comfortable and more productive.

Whether they spend only a few minutes in the building or a longer period of time, employees and visitors alike will notice that this office building is anything but traditional. A smartphone is the key and remote control for the building. Whether you want to reserve a meeting room or wish to access the car park, it takes only a few clicks to make it happen. Every phase of the building development is based on users and their personal needs. The result is an inspiring environment with a wide variety of flexible workspaces that facilitate all forms of work.


Tenant logo's - EDGE Olympic

Facts & figures


square meters


Fred Roeskestraat 115, Amsterdam


Certificates BREEAM Excellent / WELL Platinum / WELL V2


May 2018 completion